CRM Management System

Customer relationship management popularly known as CRM Software lets you store and manage customer information’s like contact, accounts and sales.HappyClickCRM Software helps to view all the day activities at one single location. Integrating CRM with all your front office solutions is the key to saving your time. HappyClickCRM helps your employees giving your clients a faster and more convenient experience

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Lead Management


Create leads with multiple proposals and attachments; keep your call logs updated with multiple reminders. Through Happy Click manage all your leads from the lead capture to the process of conversion.


Easy manage of the enquiry with suspects of follow-ups and reminders as per customer’s requirement and allotting works to team members.


Create and send an estimated quotes or proposal to the client and can make a record. Send custom email templates to clients.

Import leads

Easy to import leads from your sources and purchased criteria and manage at a single click also recognize trends, spot opportunities and improve efficiency.

Mail integration

Forward leads to CRM features with automated default sources and assign to users and notify if multiple leads added.

Customized SMS Template

send a customized SMS template to the customers and the sales team as soon as new customer is added.

Project Management

New Project

HappyClickCRM project management empowers you to create accurate, detailed and up-to-date reports of the projects completed on-going and up-coming projects.

Track Task

Add new project, set start and end timeline with the project member. Easy to track task in a single click and can edit and configure to customer through mail.

Easy Communication

HappyClickCRM serves its best with the mail and SMS configuration between Admin, staff and client. All on a loop can add, view and edit projects with a received notification.

Sales Management


Get your complete information on sales cycle and pipeline, create order and send via mails and track your sales activities with sales report.


Generate, send and track invoices. And once created HappyClickCRM sends it to client for approval. You can simply edit the invoice to make corrections if needed via our sales module.

Goals Tracking

HappyClickCRM provides you to generate a goal and time line for a project and easy tracking of your goals. The report module is very dynamic and flexible to take customized report as per your requirement.


Generate payment invoice and send the saved PDF to the clients via mails. Set reminders for payments and renewals.


HappyClickCRM gives you all the necessary reports like estimate invoice, invoice, renewals, sales report, sales report, invoice and quotation reports, pending sales order report.

Inventory Management

Manage Stock

HappyclickCrm provides a robust stock tracking mechanism to help you store and manage stock across multiple branches and godowns.

Track inventory

Our software provides you the option to enter location details helping you ascertain available stock and required stock details at multiple locations and branches.


Get detailed reports on stock movements, branch wise and product wise stock summary, stock valuation, location wise inventory status and stock reports.



Customize your CRM software as per your needs with various fields like staff, clients, leads, theme style, roles and many more setting your requirement.


Add staff with complete details of his Id joining date, his/her role and assign authority. Assign the staff with the permissions he can work on and get track reports.


Happy Click is integrated with APIs and manages your customer’s request and when ever a support request is received CRM will generate an automated response ticket and send mail to that customer.



HappyClickCRM integrates many service modules. Software is made easy to use, adorable and flexible to fit all types of businesses.

Email Configuration

Manage your two way email communication for all important prospects, leads, and contacts collaborate with your colleagues through mails.

Partner With

HappyClickCRM integrates with Mail Chimp, My Operator- also open to integrate with others as per client request.

Special Features

Lead Capture

Capture the Leads Automatically from Various Sources added.

Lead Management

Assign, Track & Manage your Sales Leads with Activities.

Task Planner

Plan and assign activities to Team with Email/SMS reminders.

Emails & SMS Alerts

Send automatic & Manual Email/SMS communications.


Customize forms, fields, reports to suit your business needs.

Reports & Attachments

view easily all Business Intelligence Reports & Customized Reports.


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